GROW Transition Program

Independent Living

Instruction in independent living is highly individualized. Students learn and practice skills related to cooking, comparative shopping, personal hygiene, health, nutrition and fitness, stress management, home maintenance, transportation and the planning of independent recreational activities. While the routines and structure ensure that these important skills are learned, students at GROW play a very active role in designing and planning their lives.

GROW offers an inclusive environment where students utilize the community to maximize their independent living capabilities. Most graduates can expect to live in a place of their choice with friends or family, and in a community where they can work and socialize.
“I’m glad that I came to Riverview because I get to do a lot of activities. Riverview is different from my old school because I live in the dorm and have all of these friends. Now I believe in myself because I’ve been working hard and doing great.” -- Student
Riverview School is an independent, coeducational boarding/day school, located on beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Established in 1957, Riverview is a leader in educating students, ages 12 - 22, with complex language and learning challenges that include Autism, Down Syndrome, and intellectual disabilities. We're committed to helping each of our extraordinary students gain academic, social, and independent living skills to achieve their goals.
Riverview School is located on beautiful Cape Cod. View our aerial video.
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