Student Life

Following are some of the skills that Riverview students learn in the dorms:

  • Self-care
  • Room and dorm care and laundry
  • Budgeting and money management (“needs vs. wants”)
  • Leisure-time planning
  • Establishing and maintaining friendships
  • Health and wellness through nutrition, fitness and recreation opportunities
  • Self-advocacy and social skills
  • Meal planning and preparation (GROW students have one assigned cooking night a week with staff support)
  • Structured evening homework and/or quiet time
  • Time management and organization (agendas, charts, lists)
  • Executive function skills
  • Ample opportunities for generalization of skills within the community
  • Safety practices within the community
While the routine and structure ensure that these important skills are taught and reinforced, GROW students play a very active role in designing and planning their individual schedules.
    • Steve Grinsell, Dir. of Programs, Asst. Head of School

      Steve Grinsell, Dir. of Programs, Asst. Head of School

Day Student Programming

Riverview School accepts a small percentage of day students from nearby and neighboring communities, all of whom participate in academic classes and the after school activities and sports program from 8:15 – 5:00, five days a week. Designed to mirror the week day morning and afternoon portion of the School’s boarding program, the day program adheres to the same high standards as the programming available to our boarding students. Parents and/or school districts are responsible for all transportation to and from the day program.
Riverview School is an independent, coeducational boarding/day school, located on beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Established in 1957, Riverview is a leader in educating students, ages 12 - 22, with complex language and learning challenges that include Autism, Down Syndrome, and intellectual disabilities. We're committed to helping each of our extraordinary students gain academic, social, and independent living skills to achieve their goals.
Riverview School is located on beautiful Cape Cod. View our aerial video.
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