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Who is the Riverview Student? Meet Gretchen

Gretchen joined Riverview School after high school as a member of our G.R.O.W. (Getting Ready for the Outside World) post-secondary program. Her family recognized that Riverview would provide Gretchen with opportunities to develop life-long skills to help set her up for a successful and enriching adult life. Riverview School is committed to meeting students where they are and working in partnership to enable/empower them to emerge and develop into strong confident young adults.

Gretchen joined Riverview with strong executive functioning skills, and prior work experience which were easily transferable to an independent living and a vocational environment. Gretchen’s genuine love to be around people and her high emotional intelligence, makes her very social and active on our campus. Whether it is simply talking with friends, exercising at our fitness and recreation center, or exploring her interests in the arts, Gretchen is highly engaged. Academically, she receives support to build functional math skills, as well as for growth in reading comprehension. Gretchen has experienced tremendous success in many areas, but her greatest achievements and satisfaction have been realized in her vocational programming. Gretchen is enrolled in the Project Search program and currently works at Cape Cod Hospital, where she is highly valued for her skills, work ethic and genuine camaraderie. Gretchen approaches everything with a confidence and positive mindset that enables her continual growth and success. Her desire and positive outlook will serve her well and lead to future success once she departs Riverview. 

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