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Who is the Riverview Student? Meet Victoria

When Victoria first joined Riverview as a 6th grade “day student” she arrived with strong academic and social-emotional skills in place. Yet, she struggled to demonstrate her abilities due to her low self-esteem and confidence related to speech difficulties. Riverview’s inclusive and nurturing environment enabled Victoria to safely lean into her discomfort; allowing her to feel more comfortable to take risks and try new activities. She found peers and friends at her academic and social level, as well as students who served as mentors and role-models. Then the true Victoria emerged! Upon completion of middle school, she joined as a full-time residential student and continued to thrive and flourish in academics, music, the arts, and on the track through her high school years.  Victoria graduated from 12th grade in 2020 and successfully transitioned to our GROW program.

Victoria attended the GROW Transition program for three years continuing to work on independent living skills, vocational and social skills, in addition to focusing on college level classes at Cape Cod Community College as part of her academic program. Today, Victoria has secured a full-time position at Chatham Bars Inn and continues working towards her associate degree at Cape Cod Community College. Victoria completed the GROW program in February 2023, and now lives independently in her own apartment on Cape Cod.  Riverview School was simply the right place for Victoria to unlock and utilize all her talents and realize her full potential as an independent young adult. We can’t wait to see what is next for Victoria!

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