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SEPTEMBER 10, 2022

Fall Opening Day!

Click Here for an in-depth opening day schedule.

Head of School Stewart Miller

Fall 2022 Wellness and Recreation

Fall 2022 Recreation Programming:
MS/HS Recreation
GROW Recreation

Additional Programming:
Riverview offers the following programming for an additional cost:
Taekwondo Information
Personal Training Information

Fall 2022 Sports Schedules:
MS/HS Sports Schedule
GROW Sports Schedule

Cohen Center Schedule for Students & Staff:
Cohen Center Schedule

Communication Timeline:

While we are still putting the finishing touches on our school year details, we want to provide you with some important information to help you prepare as well as give you an idea of what you can expect for Communication over the next couple weeks:

Laundry Service Information – E&R Laundry Service will be sending information to you directly. This service is required for Middle School, Grade 9 and 10, optional for Grade 11 and 12 and not available for GROW.  See Laundry Information 2022-2023 School Year for more details.

Health Care Updates

  1. You should have already received information from Cate MacFarland our Director of Healthcare re: renewal of annual medical forms via the Magnus Health Portal. You will receive weekly automated reminders if there are incomplete requirements in your student’s Magnus Health account.  These reminders will be sent from

  2. Any medication ( prescription or over the counter) that you return to school with your child, must have an updated signed physician order. We are not authorized to administer any medication to a student without a signed physician order. It is the parent’s responsibility to contact the prescriber, BEFORE you bring your child to school, to obtain the necessary physician orders.  Medications that return to school without a signed physician order on file will not be administered. 

  3. The MA Department of Public Health considers school health offices to be a health care facility; hence masks will be required when students are in the Riverview Health Care Center.  Please send your child to school with a full box of disposable masks to be kept in their dorm and used on an as needed basis when coming to the Health Care Center. 

  4. If your student has an Inhaler or Epi-Pen, please check the expiration dates before sending these back to campus with your student.  If they expire in September or October, you should consider getting replacement refills to send to campus on opening weekend.  Residential students using an Inhaler or Epi-Pen are required to bring 2 of these to campus- 1 to stay in the Health Care Center and 1 to stay in the dorm. 

Annual Student Update (ASU) – These will be sent 9/1/2022 and are due completed by the start of school. This mailing will come from the email address.

Family Directory Information Request – One of the best resources that our families use and love is the Family Directory. It’s a reference book of all the Middle School/High School families and GROW families with their picture, a brief blurb about the family, and their contact information. You’ll be given/sent your own copy toward the end of October. Click HERE to go directly to fill out the form.

Fall 2022 Student Move in Letter – Student/family specific move in letter indicating the process and a specific check in time for you to arrive on campus with your Student. Target date of email – 1st week in September

Personal Who’s Who– This will include dorm assignment, Head Teacher, Academic and Residential lead and Advisor, etc…This email will go out the week before school starts.

To help identify emails from us so they avoid your spam filters, create a contact in your email for Riverview School with the following email addresses:,,, and

Enjoy the rest of Summer - we look forward to welcoming you in September!

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